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At Selecta, we are passionate about providing our customers with tasty solutions and professional service by offering coffee, food and beverages to workplaces all over Sweden. Read more about us.

Selecta coronavirus

Information for our customers regarding the Corona virus (Covid-19).

We at Selecta Sweden are closely monitoring the situation with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and are following the guidelines and recommendations of the Public Health Agency and are prepared to act quickly. The safety of our employees, customers and consumers, as well as the communities in which we operate, is our number one priority.

We are in close dialogue with our customers and partners to see what we can do together to manage the Coronavirus situation in the best possible way for all concerned.

We have already taken steps to reassure our staff and customers and to reduce the risk of spread. These include asking all staff with cold symptoms to stay home from work until they are completely symptom-free, minimising travel, reminding everyone of the importance of good hand hygiene and issuing new work and meeting guidelines to limit physical contact.

When it comes to your Selecta solution, whether it's a coffee machine or a vending machine, we're available to help as always. Our customer service team is ready to assist you, we have supplies and spare parts in stock, and our employees are ready to drive out and service your solution. As the situation is serious and critical, we are constantly monitoring developments, so our service may change in accordance with the authorities' instructions. Should this happen, you will be informed as soon as possible. If you have any questions about your service coverage from Selecta, please feel free to contact your Selecta contact, or our customer service team, who will assist you in the best way possible.

Selecta coronavirus

How do we reduce the risk of spreading infection through Selecta equipment?

The surfaces you touch most - door handles, armrests, table surfaces, switches and taps - should be cleaned frequently and thoroughly. According to the Public Health Agency, soap and water dissolve the protective membranes of the virus, and this naturally applies to our equipment as well. So to reduce the risk of spreading the infection, use "grease dissolving" cleaners on surfaces, screens and keypads. Start with the cleanest surfaces and work your way towards the dirtiest or most contaminated surfaces, so as not to spread the dirt/virus further.

Selecta uses Suma D2 All Purpose Cleaner, which dissolves grease and has a pH value of 11 (undiluted). At least pH 7 is recommended. Suma D2 has the following properties:

  • Suma Multi Free D2 is a concentrated cleaner for cleaning all water-resistant surfaces in premises where food is handled.
  • Eco-labelled with the Nordic Ecolabel.
  • The product is suitable for cleaning floors, walls, ceilings, work surfaces, etc.
  • Dissolves grease and residues of dried organic material and leaves a shiny clean surface.
  • Effective in all water hardnesses.
  • All-purpose cleaner for all water-resistant surfaces.
  • Also suitable for hand washing.

Sveriges bästa kaffeleverantör

Selecta - Sweden's best coffee supplier!

We are proud to announce that we are Sweden's best coffee supplier 2018! The company Custice annually conducts the country's largest customer satisfaction survey and presents awards for supplier of the year in various categories.

They state that a winner of the Custice Awards always:
1. Has its customers in focus.
2. Solves customers' problems.
3. Has good ongoing communication with their customers.
4. Always goes the extra mile in service and care.
5. Pays attention to their customers' changes and changes with their customers.
6. Has a great understanding of their customers' market and can come up with solutions before too much change occurs.

Welcome to a good working life you too!

Selecta står för teambuilding sedan 1956

Teambuilding since 1956

With the help of coffee, food and drinks, we at Selecta want to contribute to and inspire a workplace where new ideas arise, people reach out to each other and working life comes alive.

To help us, we have knowledge of life at work and our tasty solutions.
We have been offering top quality coffee, food and drinks to workplaces all over Sweden since 1956.

Today we are present in 30 locations around the country and in 14 different countries.
Our coffee machines, water coolers and vending machines can be found in workplaces, schools, hospitals and other public environments from north to south.

Pelican Rouge - över 160 års kaffehantverk

Pelican Rouge - our own coffee roastery

We are now proud to announce that Selecta is acquiring its own coffee roastery - Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters.

Since 1956 Selecta has been present on the Swedish market. Among the best known products are coffee machines and vending machines that together serve coffee, food and beverages in offices in over 30 locations around Sweden.

The acquisition of coffee roaster Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters went through in September 2017. Today, products from the company's own coffee roastery are launched as part of Selecta's offering. The roastery specialises in vending machines in particular and is one of Europe's largest out-of-home producers for the Office Coffee Service market.

Read our press release

Make the day work

Selecta's promise to our customers

Our slogan "Make the day work." represents the heart of the brand and is Selecta's promise to bring passion and excellence to the lives of our customers and consumers on their way from home, to work, after work and on their way home.

Every time, every day!

This is what we work for every day:

Selectas Vision is to be the leading partner for self-service coffee, food and beverage in the workplace and on-the-go in Europe.

Selectas mission is to offer the highest quality coffee range and convenient food and beverage solutions.

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Selecta - we know coffee, food and drink!

Selecta Coffee Fond - när kaffe kan göra skillnad

Selecta Coffee Fund

For every kilo of coffee you buy from our coffee brand miofino or Pelican Rouge, we donate one krona to our development project that helps people in coffee-growing countries.

We call this initiative the Selecta Coffee Fund where you as a customer can do good for others by drinking coffee at your workplace!

In 2017, our efforts went to a school in Rwanda and in 2018 we will, among other things, build a preschool for the children whose parents work on the plantation so they don't have to be out in the fields all day.

Read about the Selecta Coffee Fund

Vägen in - ett projekt som inkluderar in i samhället

The way in - a way into the community

Selecta wants to and can help.

Our Road in project, working with Employment Service, is a way for us to include new arrivals and offer them internships with us with the possibility of employment.

Read more about The Way In

Vägen in - ett projekt som inkluderar in i samhället

Our great employees!

Selecta employs 410 people across Sweden. Our employees are the ones who contribute every day to making Selecta a valued provider of self-service solutions to private companies, government agencies and other stakeholders. It is thanks to our employees that we can ensure a constant supply of high-quality coffee solutions, food and beverages.

Read more about our employees!

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